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SaaS Security for: AI, FinTech & HealthTech.

Protect Your Customers. Boost Trust. Safeguard Revenue.


Why We Exist

80% of U.S data breaches occur on SaaS platforms. 25% of ransomware attacks target SaaS apps. These apps are unique in their access to sensitive customer data, causing cyber attackers to take notice.

We exist to help you protect your customers and business.

High Price for Negligence

Cyber attack failures and data breaches don't come cheap. 

They cost the  world about $1 trillion dollars a year, while the average cost of cyber attacks to small U.S businesses is $25,612 dollars, annually.

Resilient security protects your reputation and your revenue.


What We Do

Leveraging our combined 60+ years of international experience in secure software design and development, SaaS, and IoT, we come alongside you to ensure that your cloud apps provide crucial security resiliency to your customers and stakeholders.


Is your SaaS platform for Finance, Healthcare, Energy, or another sector? We help you to inspire trust via strong security.


Built by experts that have helped secure


Anebi, Founder @ Eikon

Resilient provided actionable steps on how we could harden our security. I found their wise counsel very valuable and look forward to engaging them further as Security Consultants for the custom software projects we work on.

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Chad, Co-Founder @ Disca

We contacted Resilient to conduct an initial security architecture review of a SaaS product under development. They were easy to work with and provided amazing, expert insight into potential areas of risk. The topics covered in our review led to design discussions and changes among the dev team - only enhancing our product and its risk stance. We can't wait to work with Resilient again!

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Find PEACE and REST of mind.

Empower your team to predict and prevent SaaS attacks with our new Secure Design Workshop.

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