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The average data breach costs $4.24 Million, and 80% of data breaches target SaaS.

Huddle Workshops train tech-1st companies to predict and prevent system attacks with Secure Design.

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Building Something

In the rush to ship, it’s hard to find time to think about protecting your system from cyber attackers. That’s why 43% of all cyberattacks target small and medium-sized businesses and sadly, 60% of those businesses never recover. But that doesn’t have to be you.

How Huddles Work

Huddles can take place in-person, virtually, or via a hybrid model where some team members are co-located while others join in virtually.

The flow is kept super simple so we can focus on what matters and deliver value:


Once you're at the Huddle:

Quick intro of Huddle participants.


An overview of your startup's business case, market, and goals.


Product Architecture deep dive. We use your product architecture so you get maximum value right away.

We never share your data and always sign an NDA.


Software security strategy and secure design working session.


Wrap up and review of future considerations.

Security analysis and mitigations are shared with your team.

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Teach your team to get into the attacker’s mind before they strike, with a Huddle Workshop.

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Examples of Technologies We Cover

Including, but not limited to…

What You'll Get?

At the end of a Huddle, your team will have identified:

Assets: The prized security jewels that you must protect.

Threats: The probable attack types that will be performed on your system.

Attack Points: The places where attackers will attempt to access your system.

Mitigations: The secure design mitigations that protect your assets, defend your attack surfaces, and neutralize threats.

Attacker Personas: The types and capabilities of attackers who are interested in your SaaS.

Future Research: Critical security considerations or implications for your system, that your team is yet to think through, and must.

It's NOT Theory.

By using your system architecture for the workshop, your team has tangible and relevant insights.

Designers Looking at the Computer


Break the silos, get software stakeholders together, and learn new things.

Online meeting


Designed for modern teams, Huddles can take place in person, online, or via a combination of both.

Digital Book


Ever discussed tech over coffee? Now, add architecture, security, and a whiteboard → Huddle.

Chart analysis


We will identify what you can fix right away and what you need to plan for. No vague suggestions here.

Computer Class


Forget boring training slides, we’ll analyze the real thing and address relevant issues.

A man pointing at his laptop screen


No, we don’t hawk security vulnerabilities by the pound. If there’s no business risk, we throw it out.

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Meet a couple of our select instructors:

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Brook Schoenfield


Damilare Fagbemi

Our Chief Security Architect, Brook, has created 1000s of secure software designs and authored 6 software security books. 

Previously lead secure design at Intel, McAfee, Cisco, and Autodesk.

Our CEO, Dam, got into security over a decade ago when his software platform was hacked. He has since taught secure design across 4 continents.

Previously lead software security teams at Intel and McAfee.

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Hear what our customers are saying…


“It was amazing and we really did get a lot out of it! The topics covered led to design discussions and changes among the dev team - only enhancing our product and its risk stance.”



Co-Founder @ Disca

“Very professional and knowledgeable. These guys go above and beyond to ensure you are satisfied..”



Lead Implementation Engineer @ Chooch AI

“Thank you… we greatly appreciated the session! It was very helpful!”



Board Chairman and Investor @ Fernhill Corp

book secure design workshop

Book A Workshop

Let's secure your system's architecture without breaking the bank.

  • Available Online

    Identify Your Attack Points & Attacker Personas

    600 US dollars
  • Available Online

    EVERYTHING IN LITE Plus: Uncover Relevant Threats & Design Protections

    1,200 US dollars
  • Available Online

    EVERYTHING IN CORE Plus: Risk Prioritization & Detailed Threat Report

    2,450 US dollars
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Our World Depends on Organizations Like Yours.

Securing your systems creates a better world.

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  • Why is secure design important?
    The popular Chrysler Jeep hack of 2015 gives us a good answer. The primary problem wasn't bad code or a lack of security compliance - Chrysler was certified with the industry-standard MISRA. Instead, the internet-exposed entertainment system was directly connected to life-and-death brake systems - a major secure design flaw. Without secure design understanding, many of such problems will go undiscovered, waiting for a nifty attacker.
  • What content or technology will be used for training participants?
    As described in other sections of the page, we use your product architecture to deliver practical and contextual secure design training to your team. Regarding your technology and infrastructure, any of the items listed below are fair game, and we go after them, based on your priorities: Software app or platform architecture Cloud infrastructure and design CI/CD pipeline Containers and Microservices Software development processes
  • Which team members or roles should participate?
    Any software stakeholder responsible for tactical or strategic contribution to shipping software will benefit from and add value to a Huddle... engineers, architects, project managers, engineering managers etc. However, the most crucial participants (i.e. if you can only sponsor 3 people) are architects, engineers, or managers with sound technical understanding of your software architecture.
  • How do I book a Huddle, where do I attend, and how long does it run for?
    To book a Huddle, use the Book A Workshop button to navigate to the Book A Workshop section of this page, where you can select your preferred Huddle. Once you make a selection, you will be shown a new page where you can select any preferred time for an intro call with an instructor and pay a refundable 10% deposit. Your team can attend online or in-person at Galvanize Phoenix. Lastly, Lite Huddles are 1.5 hours long, while Core and Squad Huddles are 3 hours long, with Squad Huddles also including a detailed threat report sent afterward.
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