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Practical Software Attack Modeling

FREE video series covering essentials steps for securing any software.

" I have had the privilege of teaching secure software design across three continents―North America, Africa, and Europe ― and i'm often asked... how did you get into software security? My answer, years ago as I deployed a startup app that I and my boss had sweated on, it was hacked. Instead of the press carrying the news of the launch as we had planned, they carried the news of the hack. Since then, I learnt the steps below, apply them to all software I build, and teach them to any who will listen"

- Damilare, Founder of Resilient Software & Creator of Practical Software Attack Modeling


Software threat or attack modeling is the time-tested art and science of identifying what is required to bring any software system to a desired secure state.


In this series we tackle the major steps you must follow to secure any software architecture and deliver a product that's #SecureByDesign.


You can access all the videos by using the player next to this intro or you can go straight to the individual videos below. 

Practical Software Attack Modeling

Practical Software Attack Modeling

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1. What must you protect?

In this video we discover how to analyze our software systems to identify the prized security jewels that we must protect.


We learn about two types of those jewels, the obvious ones that most people know, and the not so obvious ones that many people miss.