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If you have a vested interest in IoT systems that preserve security and uphold privacy, this book is for you. It describes how to architect and design Internet of Things (loT) solutions that provide end-to-end security and privacy at scale.


Core Software Security expounds developer-centric software security, a holistic process to engage creativity for security. As long as software is developed by humans, it requires the human element to fix it. Developer-centric security is not only feasible but also cost effective and operationally relevant. The methodology builds security into software development, which lies at the heart of our cyber infrastructure.


This book presents a step-by-step process for software security that uses today’s technology, operational, business, and development methods with a focus on best practice, proven activities, processes, tools, and metrics for any size or type of organization and development practice.


Creating and implementing a cyber security architecture can be hard, complex, and certainly frustrating work. This book is written to ease this pain and show how to express security requirements in ways that make the requirements more palatable and, thus, get them accomplished. It also explains how to surmount individual, team, and organizational resistance.

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