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Get Clear Deliverables, Clear Results Every Month


Retain a C-Level Security Leader who will teach, lead, and guide your teams in security testing and innovation, as well as act as a trusted and reliable face of security to your stakeholders.

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  Basic              Plus             Elite

Available Services  (Each month you can choose from services in your plan)                                                                                

Compliance Certification Needs Analysis (& Policy Creation): SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA etc.

Code Scanning Tests

Vulnerability Scanning Tests

Secure Design Workshop Training (includes integrated threat modeling)

Software Threats Assessment

Security Due Diligence Attestation for Website and Brochures

DevOps Security Test Automation


Comprehensive Secure Architecture & Design through threat modeling


Create Internal Software Security Program


Establish Security Organization Structure & Program Management


Compliance Certification Technical Leadership & Program Management: SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA etc.


Penetration Testing



  Basic              Plus             Elite

Available Features                                                                                

Real-time Collaboration with Security Experts via Slack, Wiki, Jira etc.


Customizable and Concurrent Security Service Deliverables


Train Your Team Into Software Security Champions


Security Experts





Project Manager






Project Status Meeting




Quarterly Strategic Planning



Quarterly Maturity Assessment



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