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Resilient Services

Software Security Strategy, Design, and Ops, as-a-Service

Compliance Strategy and Execution

Get expert guidance on leveraging tools, automation, and vCISOs to accelerate security compliance certification for SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA etc.

Software Threat Analysis

We perform an in-depth and technical software architecture assessment to provide insight into relevant attackers, attack points, probable threats, risk rating, then help you design necessar.

Application Penetration Test

We will perform a comprehensive penetration test of your application and cloud environment, using the tools and tactics that an attacker would, in order to identify exploitable implementation flaws.

Custom & Tailored Training

Ground your team on the fundamentals of designing, building, validating, and shipping secure code. We equip your team to perform secure design, agile secure development, secure code review, and automated security testing.

Ready-to-use Security Analysis Templates

Don't re-invent the wheel. Accelerate your software security execution with secure design and security testing templates created by our team.

Security Due Diligence Attestation

Reduce customer security questions by crafting a Software Security Due Diligence Attestation statement that can be published on your website or shared along with company/product brochures.

Security Process Assessment

We perform a detailed assessment of your software development processes and tools to identify your security posture and your potential susceptibility to software vulnerabilities.

Implement DevSecOps

DevOps emphasizes automation, speed, and efficiency in software development. But all that good work is easily lost if security is left behind. We help you automate as much of your security analysis as possible.

Highly Practical Video Training

Learn on the go, with clear and concise videos that teach you what you must know to design, build and deploy resilient security into your software.

SDL (Secure Development Lifecycle) Design

The Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) is a modern approach to software development that reduces development costs by embedding security and privacy throughout the development process. We design a custom software security program for your organization.

Organizational Structure & Program Management

Whether you are an early-stage startup or a larger software business, we help you establish software security roles and responsibilities established for your organization and empower your existing team to understand, own, and lead software security

Establishing Security Metrics for your Business

If you can't measure it, you can neither improve it nor justify your investment. We identify and implement the right security metrics for your business.

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Find PEACE and REST of mind.

Empower your team to predict and prevent SaaS attacks with our new Secure Design Workshop.

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