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Reduce Customer Security Questionnaires by Proving Due Diligence.

Reduce the hours your teams spend on responding to customers’ security questions by as much as 80%. Better to take control of the narrative, rather than laboring over questions that don’t apply to your technology.

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Case Study:
A HealthTech Startup

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1. Problem:

A HealthTech startup designed their product to eliminate many conventional SaaS security concerns while handling sensitive data. However, each of their customers still requested that they completed the customers’ lengthy information and data security questionnaires. It was frustrating and time-consuming.

2. Solution:

As part of Resilient’s monthly PLUS package, the startup requested that Resilient create a public-facing Secure Design and Security Practices statement. This attestation statement clearly explained the inherent security features of their product as well as their operational security practices.

3. Impact:

The startup is able to control its security narrative by leveraging the attestation in sales calls, on its website, and in brochures. This gives customers a better understanding of the product, reducing the need for questionnaires.

4. Monetary Savings:

An average of $500 dollars is saved when engaging each B2B prospect or customer.

Trusted by Innovative SaaS, AI, and Blockchain Startups

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What Our Customers Are Saying


"All the security analysis and test reports we received were fantastic. Resilient’s engineers were so collaborative, they felt like part of our team."

Dan, VP of Engineering @ Mathison

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