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Identify and Fix Code Vulnerabilities. Protect Your Customers, Data, and IP.

Get DevOps Security Automation, a team of senior security engineers, pen testers, and our comprehensive software security playbook… for less than 40% of the $ of a junior software engineer.

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Case Study:
A FinTech Startup

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1. Problem:

An innovative FinTech startup is building (and has now launched) a SaaS platform that uses AI to disrupt a 107-year old industry. But the solution requires that they process and store very sensitive personal and financial data. A security breach was estimated to cost upwards of $500,000.00.

2. Solution:

Resilient was engaged to perform a comprehensive security architecture and design review of their product and cloud infrastructure. As requested, we provided the FinTech with insight into the types of attackers coming after their product, attack points, probable threats, risk rating. We also designed and detailed out the mitigations to thwart their attackers.

3. Impact:

The FinTech startup was able to launch successfully, gaining 60% of market share in less than 1 month. Resilient had helped to identify what data was necessary to store, and how to store it securely.

4. Monetary Savings:

The Security Assessment of their product and cloud infrastructure cost 76% less than it would with other security companies, due to our startup packages. They also avoided a loss of $500,000 due to breach of the sensitive personal and financial data used by the product.

Trusted by Innovative SaaS, AI, and Blockchain Startups

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What Our Customers Are Saying


"All the security analysis and test reports we received were fantastic. Resilient’s engineers were so collaborative, they felt like part of our team."

Dan, VP of Engineering @ Mathison

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