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Cybersecurity solutions

that accelerate sales for



Cybersecurity providers can be clunky and expensive. Resilient provides affordable software security solutions to boost trust and increase sales for startups.

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Discover Why Growing Startups Partner with Resilient

Key cybersecurity use cases and case studies for dynamic startups.

Identify & Fix Vulnerabilities


Make your SaaS, Dapps, or Smart Contracts resilient to cyberattacks by running code/  app penetration tests and automating security tests into your product dev pipeline.

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Accelerate Security Compliance to Gain New Business

Deploy the most modern tools and techniques for establishing organizational security policies and achieving key security compliance certifications.

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Reduce Customer Security Questionnaires

Save time and gain a sales a marketing edge by publicly and tactfully demonstrating your security competence.

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What Our Customers Are Saying


"All the security analysis and test reports we received were fantastic. Resilient’s engineers were so collaborative, they felt like part of our team."

Dan, VP of Engineering @ Mathison


The FREE 5-Minute Security Assessment for Startups ™

Uncover major weaknesses in your software security.  It takes you 5 minutes!

Why We Care

80% of data breaches and 25% of ransomware occur on SaaS platforms. 

$3.8 Billion was stolen from Blockchain platforms in 2022. Startups are particularly vulnerable… 43% of cyberattacks target SMBs and startups, and 60% never recover.

Trusted by Innovative SaaS, AI, and Blockchain Startups

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Get a simple and concise guide highlighting the opportunities and trends that your business can benefit from, by leveraging the U.S's cybersecurity improvement push.

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