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CitySmart is a threat-analysis template for IoT Cloud backends that are built on platforms like AWS. Adapt and customize this template to perform threat analysis for any IoT Cloud apps that your organization is building or deploying.


CitySmart  focuses on the smart city use case, and the information also applies to other IoT cloud use cases.


This template uses the ATASM (attack-based) threat modeling approach. ATASM stands for Architecture >> Threat Agents >> Attack Surfaces >> Mitigations.


Yep! we cover all those in great detail in this template. The template includes:  

  • Architecture analysis (3 IoT cloud architecture views)
  • Attacker goal and capability profiling
  • Attack entry point enumeration
  • Asset discovery.
  • Attack techniques and attacker's objective with each system component.
  • Risk analysis
  • Mitigating attacks.


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CitySmart - Software Threat Model Template for IoT Cloud Apps built on AWS etc.

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