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Will Cyberattacks Ever End?

Every single year, the news is full of cyber attacks with varying degrees of harm inflicted on companies and people, and tons of money lost. A reasonable question to ask is this... will all that ever end?

I don't want to be a doomsday prophet, but I must tell you the truth. No! It can't end. Why? Because greed, stealing, selfishness, and extortion will never end on this side of heaven. The cyber world and cyber attacks are simply a new theater for an ancient problem.

But, just as we don't leave our homes open to thieves, so also we shouldn't leave our businesses and digital lives open to cybercriminals.

You can read more about the Economics of Cybercrime in this book I co-authored with my friends, David M. Wheeler and JC wheeler... The IoT Architect's Guide to Attainable Security & Privacy.


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