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Empower Your Team to Predict and Prevent SaaS Cyber Attacks

In 2015, a Chrysler Jeep was infamously hacked with control of the car remotely seized from the driver. But the problem wasn't bad software code, it was bad system design.

The Jeep hack made sensational news in hacker and cyber security circles. It was the work of two security researchers, and the driver was a journalist who had been informed. Yet when the hack got underway, needless to say, the driver begged them to stop.

For SaaS founders and business leaders, what's most important to understand is that the car (which was accessible via the internet) had been tested thoroughly and was also compliant with the industry's leading safety and security standard, Misra.

The Jeep hack was not a code issue or a compliance issue, it was primarily a problem of insecure design.

The problem... the internet-exposed entertainment system was directly connected to life-and-death brake systems - a major secure design flaw. There should have been separation such that even when the entertainment system was completely taken over by attackers, it should not have affected the critical functions of the steering, engine, or brakes... this wasn't the case though.

The reality is that without secure design understanding, many of such problems will go undiscovered, waiting for a nifty attacker.

For this very reason, Resilient has launched a Secure Design Workshop for SaaS startups and businesses.

Because 80% of all data breach attacks target SaaS and 25% of all ransomware attacks target SaaS.

In this one-of-a-kind and uniquely practical workshop, we use your product architecture to teach your team how to leverage the art of secure design to predict and prevent SaaS attacks. Our singular objective is to enable your team to get into the cyber attacker's mind before they strike.

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