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Best of 2023: Our Top Cybersecurity Content

One of the responsibilities that bring us joy at Resilient is creating and sharing insights that help software companies stay secure and compliant. As you finalize and execute your 2024 roadmap, here are some of our most popular software security and compliance tips from 2023. Every one of them remains relevant in 2024.

We've also added some Key Insights from our CEO, Damilare.


As much as folks keep hearing about SOC 2 audits, they aren't sure if it's right for them at a particular time.

Is SOC 2 right for you? What does a SOC 2 entail? Can you get your SOC 2 report yourself? What's the easiest and fastest way to get your company's SOC 2 audit?

Is there a general standard for blockchain security? How do you create your own security standards?

What recommended open security guide is best for strengthening your blockchain and smart contract platforms?

Cloud Security Automation and DevSecOps

While penetration testing is ideal for most security testing, overhead costs for retaining pen testers can quickly pile up. What other security tests can be implemented to protect your software and still reduce costs?

This content remains relevant today. Security tests still have very high priority and you can get 4 tests to implement right now. Plus? There are 10 free tools to support the implementation (no additional costs).

Secure Design:

While tests are usually prioritized, even as seen in this post, threat modeling can never be replaced. It's the only security measure that focuses solely on the structure and design of the software.

Though, it's often overlooked, it's something you can start in-house immediately.

Blockchain Security

What are you doing to protect your Web3-based software? Pen tests? What if there are other vulnerabilities in your software that you never even thought to check for? What could be missing in Web3 security

"The code works!" Now are you excited to test it in the real world? Wait one moment.

Working code doesn't mean security has been integrated into the blockchain code. Don't put yourself at risk that can be well prevented. Review your blockchain app.

A few Key Insights from Our CEO, Damilare

Can We Help?

If you or anyone in your network has any questions about these topics or requires assistance in accelerating security & compliance, we would love to help.

Use this link to schedule an informal chat with our CTO, Brook, and our CEO, Dam.

Coming Soon - Your CISO in AI!

What if you could stay ahead of cyber attackers by flipping the game on them? We're building the AI platform layer that turns all of your software and product employees into "local" security experts from Day 1.


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