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Announcing 🚀🚀 ... The FREE 5-Minute Security Assessment for Startups ™

What if 5 minutes of your time could help you discover the major software risks for your startup? What if after those 5 minutes, you were guaranteed a software security report with custom solutions tailored to the specific gaps in your startup? I bet you'll agree that's time well spent 👌😎.

A young professional with a watch.

I stumbled upon software security over a decade ago when a startup app that my team and I had sweated on got hacked just as we launched. I was stunned! In the frantic rush to ship, the possibility of a hack had hardly crossed my mind. Afterward, as I explored this "new" idea about software and security, I went on a journey that took me through software security engineering, architecture, and leadership at companies like Intel and McAfee.

My co-founders at Resilient Software Security, and I, took different paths to software security in big tech, but came to the same realization. Most startups across the world are still way behind the larger tech companies in terms of their software security expertise and capabilities. Often, startups can't afford to hire people with those skill sets. They don't know what tools or techniques are best suited to their technologies and in general, they're just not sure where to start.

We started Resilient to bridge that gap and designed the FREE 5-Minute Security Assessment for Startups™ to provide custom and relevant security recommendations to software startups.

The assessment distills over 50 years of combined software security experience into 6 core questions covering... design, coding, testing, 3rd-party components, development methodology, and budget.

What You Get

Once you complete the 5-Minute online assessment, you're guaranteed to get your custom software security report within 3 days.

The report will include the following:

  • Your software security score and grade, along with a detailed scoring breakdown.

  • The software security gaps at your startup.

  • The common (and technical) cyber risks for startups like yours.

  • A suite of specific software security solutions that your team can begin to implement.

* Please note that we do not run any unsolicited vulnerability or penetration tests against your software platform, as part of the free assessment. Your responses in the assessment form, including the identification of your startup company, are all we need to provide you with a highly valuable report.


Need strong security for your SaaS business?

We are here for you. Schedule a risk assessment now.

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