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After SOC 2 Compliance, What Next?

So you've got your SOC 2 compliance report, congratulations!

For nearly every business with customer data, SOC 2 compliance can be one big bump in the road to closing high-end clients.

Now, that you have achieved SOC 2 compliance, you can breathe a huge sigh of relief. And watch deals click with its aid. But is there ever a time to completely relax?

You’ve got a compliance audit, the zenith for some data-focused companies for a reason. Now is the time to use it.

After your SOC 2 compliance audit, what do you do next?

What to do after getting your Soc 2 Compliance Audit

Before we go on, there is one grand rule: your SOC 2 audit is confidential.

Yes, you got it to show customers. Yes, clients and vendors might ask about it before signing a partnership. But barring those, there is no reason to publish your complete SOC 2 report anywhere.

In fact, one best practice is to ensure that an NDA is signed by the receiving party when any sensitive security material is shared.

Here’s what to do after getting your Soc 2 Compliance Audit:

1. Empower your employees with the knowledge.

Depending on the size of your company, not everyone will be involved in getting a SOC 2 audit. So now, it's time to let them all know.

  • Tell your employees you just reached an important milestone! Ensure your sales personnel have access to the report so they can use it to close more deals. When customers ask if you have a SOC 2 report, sales should have it handy.

2. Brag about it

Here’s the fun part. Work has gone into being SOC 2 compliant so you have to let it speak for itself and reap the benefits. Remember that the report is confidential: the document should not be published, but proof that it exists can.

Go to the AICPA website to obtain your SOC 2 badge. The best part about it is you can use it nearly everywhere that matters! On your website, social media, engagement proposals, and print media. Read the terms and conditions, though, to ensure you abide by them.

  • Post it on social media

Create some awareness on your social media about the report and prospects would be more trusting when speaking with your company! It doesn't mean that they'd never ask for the report but it does mean that the increased trust you hoped to spark with the report is there.

  • Add them to marketing content

Why wait till customers ask for it? Add your generated badge to your website, proposals you send out, and marketing campaigns that you do. Answer the question before they even ask.

  • Front and center for security questionnaires

Make sure that whoever responds to customer security questionnaires highlights that you’ve completed your SOC II audit to improve trust.

3. Document and implement best practices

If you have good professional help to prepare for your audit, they will implement best practices and equip you with automation for the repetitive processes needed to bolster security. Manual processes introduce risk due to human error and this avoids it.

While all of your personnel may not have been involved with getting the SOC 2 audit report, they definitely are needed to sustain it. Document steps they need to take concerning security. Quiz them on it, and if possible, have security drills. There is never a time to be lackadaisical at security. Have access and documents on a need-to-know basis.

4. Prep for the follow-up audit

SOC 2 audits are not a one-and-done thing. You will still need to stay compliant to keep your SOC 2 badge. So, prepare for the next review.

If you've done steps 1 to 3, you are already on the right track to getting a smooth follow-up. If you can, do a pentest and risk assessment 1-2 months before your next review.

Conclusion: After SOC 2 Compliance, What Next?

If you are trying to get a complete roadmap of the SOC 2 compliance process before you commit, schedule a coffee chat with our founder to get more information.

If you need a SOC audit within 2 months with 50% less cost, we are here to help.

If you have passed, congratulations! Just follow these best practices and you can sustain SOC 2 compliance.


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